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West Coast collarz understands caring for your dog is not that easy thats why our product is designed especially for dog owners who want to keep their pet happy under any circumstances. Regular pet collars can soak up all that moisture and remain wet for hours and can make your pet sick and uncomfortable. Water-proof dog collars don’t.

 This simple, basic yet trendy collar can provide you with the look of leather that many people look for! This collar is easy to carry anywhere compact, and portable to put into a pouch or backpack. Friendly and comfortable for your pet. Our collar has a long life and backed with a lifetime warranty.

Enjoy customizing your one of a kind BioThane Adjustable Collar by selecting from our Solid Metal hardware options and of course from our many BioThane color options

 At West Coast Collarz admire your care for your furry friends that's why we handcraft this special gear for you.


CUSTOM SIZING INCLUDED with purchase of our BioThane Collars, for help with custom sizing check out our Sizing Tipz




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