Hands Free/Multi Use Leash Basic BioThane

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Customize your own Hands Free Leash by picking from the variety of
Biothane Colors & Lengthabove.
Please note having a two tone leash is optional if you want just one tone, choose same color.

You can choose from 1" or ¾" leash, typically large dog owners go with a 1", but ¾" is just as durable & strong for large dogs, it really just comes down to personal preference, whether you prefer a thin or thick lead. 

Would you like our HandCrafted Braided Biothane Leash? Click the link to find out more

Please note that the Rose Gold, Antique Brass, and Matte Black are plated, the color may wear off over time with extreme wear and tear. Our Stainless Steel and Solid Brass are a much more durable option. 

 All our hardware are backed with a lifetime guarantee. In the unlikely event our hardware ever fails. Just send us an email, and replacement parts will be shipped free of charge(this does not include wear & tear). 


 Biothane is a non-toxic synthetic material composed of an embossed "leather-like" PVC outer layer and a nylon webbed core. Biothane is 100% waterproof & stinkproof which is great for dogs who love to swim and get dirty. The colors will stay bright and bold for years to come. 
Biothane is very easy to clean, just add some  warm water & rinse. Or if it is very dirty you can add some soap, or a cloth with a dab of rubbing alcohol.

-Colors may vary from the photos above, as each monitor will show colors a bit differently.