Traffic Lead - Speckled BioThane

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Customize your own Traffic Lead by picking from the variety of
Biothane Colours & Lengthabove.

Our Leads come in a standard size of 8", 9", 10", 11", 12", 16" & 24" For custom lengths please leave your desired length in the notes. You will find the note option in your cart.
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Traffic leads are training tools, typically used for short periods of time when working or training a dog. Common users of traffic leads include service dog handlerspolice officers, and the military. You can also use traffic leads for off-leash training, as your dog can run and move without getting tangled up in the leash.
Please note that the Rose Gold, Antique Brass, and Matte Black are plated, the color may wear off over time with extreme wear and tear. Our Stainless Steel and Solid Brass are a much more durable option. 
 All our hardware are backed with a lifetime guarantee. In the unlikely event our hardware ever fails. Just send us an email, and replacement parts will be shipped free of charge(this does not include wear & tear). 

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